Trafficly Privacy Policy

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Trafficly Privacy Policy

We at Trafficly, LLC (“Trafficly” , “we”, “us”, “our”) have prepared this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to inform you in understanding:

  • What information we collect and why we collect it
  • How and when we collect data from you
  • Other information such as privacy, how to update or remove information.

We have drafted this Policy to help your understanding, but if you’re not familiar with terms in this Policy, then please contact us by using our contact information below. Your privacy is very important to us, and we are committed to secure and transparent privacy practices.

As used in this Policy, “Trafficly” refers to all websites (including and properties, and services owned or operated by Trafficly, LLC.

By visiting the Trafficly website, visiting a Trafficly Client’s website that provides notice of its use of Trafficly, or registering for any of our services, you acknowledge that you accept and consent to the practices outlined in this Policy.

This Policy does not cover any other data collection or processing, including without limitation the data we host for our registered customers via the Trafficly sales and marketing software platforms (“Platform”). If you use our Platform, the data that you (and your customers) submit as you use our Platform will be governed by the applicable Trafficly agreement, and as required by law.

Collection of Information

If you are a visitor to the Trafficly website or a customer of our Service (“Client”) who registers or signs up with Trafficly on our website (including for purposes of obtaining a free trial of our Service), then you understand that we may obtain the following types of information from you or concerning your computer or device (“Client Information”), which may include information that can itself be used to identify and/or contact you (“Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII”):

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website name and URL
  • Geographic information
  • Credit card number
  • Billing address
  • Visitor site preferences
  • Referring site, information provided by search queries that lead you to Trafficly’s website
  • Trafficly may also receive information provided by your browser or mobile device, including:

o Browser information

o Operating system information

o Mobile device information (e.g., device identifier, mobile operating system, geographic

  information, etc.)

o IP address

o Pages accessed

o Time of visit

o Time of last visit

Trafficly Website Visitors

Like many websites, Trafficly collects certain information through the use of “cookies” from visitors of our website. We may use information from the cookies, as well as Client Information, including PII, to create and register your account, fulfill your requests, understand how you are engaging with our Trafficly, communicate with you, determine satisfaction, process billing for our services, email notifications that you have specifically requested; email marketing communications relating to our products or service, facilitate content or advertisements that we believe may be of interest to you, or to communicate with you about new or existing products and services or special offers, and personalize your experience on the Trafficly website and with the Trafficly Service.

Visitors To Trafficly Clients’ Websites

Customers of Trafficly (“Clients”) may use our Service to collect information from their users and customers. Clients may use a customized and proprietary Trafficly code and/or services (“Service(s)”) to obtain information regarding the activities that users engage in while visiting Clients web pages (“Client User Data”). When a user visits a website that uses our Service, a Trafficly code contained on the website contacts Trafficly servers and enables Trafficly to collect Client User Data. Some Clients may also use their own code to obtain Client User Data and then send such information to Trafficly servers. Client User Data may include Personally Identifiable Information or PII , including, but not limited to, the types of information listed for Trafficly Client Information above. Client User Data is stored on Trafficly web servers and databases (including those hosted on third party servers on behalf of Trafficly) for use in providing the service, performing analysis and producing reports for the applicable Client. In addition, Trafficly itself uses other third party tools such as (MaxMind, Udger, or others) in order to obtain insights into visitors’ activities on its own websites, which include, as of the Effective Date,

Trafficly’s collection and analysis of Client User Data helps our Clients to evaluate and understand how their users are interacting with their websites, and potentially, to modify their websites or services in order to make them more useful for their users. Our Clients determine the types of Client User Data that are sent to Trafficly servers for analysis. This data may include or be linked to Personally Identifiable Information depending on how the Client uses Trafficly on its website(s). Trafficly Clients are contractually prohibited from sending personally sensitive Client User Data (e.g. personal health information, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs) to Trafficly and Trafficly does not knowingly receive such data.

In addition, Trafficly may collect certain information about a Client’s visitor’s computer that may be provided by the visitor’s browser. This information may include browser information, operating system information, mobile device information, IP address, time of visit, and the referring site, application, or service. Such information may be collected and shared with the Trafficly Client even though not specifically requested by the Client.

How We Use The Information

Visitors to Our Website

Visitors to Trafficly Client’s Website(s)

Except as described in “Disclosure of Information to Third Parties” below, Trafficly will never sell or share any Client User Data with individuals or companies other than the specific Client whose website transmitted the Client User Data to Trafficly.

Client’s Use of Trafficly

By contract, Trafficly requires its Clients to abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield where it applies, as well as other applicable laws relating to privacy and data collection (“Applicable Laws”). Further, Trafficly requires its Clients to obtain any necessary consents from visitors to its website(s) for the Client’s use of Trafficly service, as well as comply with all applicable laws (including, as an example, the Safe Harbor and Privacy Shield where it applies) with respect to the transfer of Personally Identifiable Information of EU or Swiss subjects through the Service, and to post an online privacy policy that provides visitors to their website with clear notice of its data collection, use, and disclosure (including the Client’s use of Trafficly), and other practices.

You understand that Trafficly cannot be held responsible for any Client’s failure to make these disclosures on its website or for any Client’s use or collection of Client User Data that is not permitted under this Privacy Policy or otherwise. For more details on the terms that apply to our Clients’ use of the Trafficly Service, please see Section 4 (“Privacy”) in the Trafficly Terms of Service.


Trafficly may also use information collected through our website for research regarding the effectiveness of the website and any related marketing, advertising and sales efforts. Further, Trafficly reserves the right to disclose Client User Information, Client Information including Personally Identifiable Information (i) to the extent required by law or if we have a good-faith belief that such disclosure is necessary in order to comply with official investigations or legal proceedings initiated by governmental and/or law enforcement officials, or private parties, including but not limited to: in response to subpoenas, search warrants, or court orders; (ii) if Trafficly, or substantially all of its assets, is acquired by another company or successor entity, or other company change. (You acknowledge that if such transfers may occur, and that any purchaser of or successor to Trafficly or its assets may continue to collect, use and disclose your information acquired prior to such transfer or acquisition as set forth in this policy); or (iii) as otherwise disclosed in the terms and conditions of our agreements with customers, including our separately posted and applicable Terms of Service for the Trafficly services.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

Use of Cookies

Trafficly uses cookies (small text files that Trafficly stores locally on your computer) on our website and or our Client’s website(s) for one or more of the following purposes: to help identify unique visitors and/or devices; assess usage patterns and perform traffic analysis; identify visitor preferences; diagnose problems with our servers, and otherwise administer the Trafficly service.

Depending on how our Clients use Trafficly services, information contained in Trafficly cookies placed on the computers of end users may be linked to Personally Identifiable Information in a Trafficly database. This allows our Clients to use the Trafficly Service to better analyze and measure their users’ interactions with their website and to organize activities by the same user on their website across time.

If you do not to have Trafficly place and use cookies on your computer, you should set your browser preferences to refuse all cookies before accessing Trafficly or other websites that may use the Trafficly service. Trafficly is not responsible for any failure by you or your browser to accurately implement or communicate your browser preferences or settings. In addition, please be aware that even if you configure your browser settings to reject all cookies, your activity on Trafficly client websites will still be recorded by our Service, unless you opt out of our Service as set forth below.

Note that your rejection of all cookies will prevent Trafficly from determining whether or not someone using your computer has previously visited the website, i.e., whether or not the visitor is a “unique” visitor, and from retrieving any information about your prior activities on a Client’s website through information contained in a cookie. Further, rejection of all cookies may prevent other third party websites and services that use your browser from functioning properly. For more information on how to reject cookies, see your browser’s instructions on changing your cookie settings.

If you do not elect to set your browser preferences to refuse cookies, you consent to have cookies, including cookies used by Trafficly, placed on your computer when you visit our Client’s websites.

Web Beacons

Trafficly may collect certain information using Web Beacons. “Web Beacons,” (which are similar to cookies), are electronic images that may be used on the Trafficly website, in Trafficly services, or in our email communications. Web They are used, for example, to count website visits or to tell if an email has been opened and acted upon. Trafficly may use web to access cookies and count users who visit our website or open HTML-formatted email messages. Web beacons are embedded invisibly on web pages and emails and are stored on a user’s hard drive. You can modify your browser settings to control web beacons.

Disclosures to Third Parties

Information, including Trafficly Client Information, Client User Data, and any Personally Identifiable Information contained therein, may be shared with certain third-party companies and individuals that help enable technical and administrative aspects of the Trafficly service (e.g., credit card processing and billing address), or perform functions related to the administration of Trafficly (e.g. hosting services). These third parties perform tasks on our behalf and are contractually obligated not to disclose or use Trafficly User Information or Client User Data for any other purpose, and to employ adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to such data. However, Trafficly is not responsible in the event that Personally Identifiable Information is disclosed at a result of a breach or security lapse by any such third party. We may disclose information collected from a Client to certain third-party companies and individuals who have contractually agreed to (i) hold this information in confidence, and (ii) not use it for any purpose except to carry out the services they are providing for Trafficly.

Email Communications

Trafficly may contact you by e-mail, text messages, or other equivalent electronic communications if you access Trafficly services. By registering or using Trafficly services, you consent to the receipt of these e- mail or text message communications. If you do not want to receive emails or other communications from us, please follow the unsubscribe instructions in the body of such communications or notify us by email at [email protected] or you can reach us by telephone at (650) 690-2765.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

Trafficly has implemented reasonable security mechanisms to protect Trafficly Client Information and Client User Data that is maintained on Trafficly servers from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Examples of these security mechanisms include limited and password-protected access, and SSL encryption to protect transmission of data.

It is important to note, that no security system is impenetrable. It may be possible for third parties to intercept or access Trafficly Client Information and Client User Data despite these measures. Trafficly cannot guarantee the security of your information and cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to Trafficly client accounts.

Our Policy Toward Children

Trafficly, its website and service is not directed to children under 13. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under 13 or from websites that are targeted to children under 13. If you are under 13, please do not attempt to register or send any information about yourself to Trafficly, including your name, address, telephone number, or email address. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with Personally Identifiable Information without their consent, he or she should contact us as provided below. If Trafficly becomes aware that a child under 13 has provided us with personally identifiable information, we will delete such information from our servers.

Behavioral Targeting/Re-Targeting

We partner with third party ad networks to either display advertising on our Sites or to manage our advertising on other websites. Our ad network partners may use cookies and web beacons to collect non-personally identifiable information about your activities on our Sites and other websites to provide you targeted advertising based upon your interests.

Use of Testimonials

We may select and post customer testimonials on our Services, which may contain personally identifiable information such as your name and/or the city, state, or country in which you live. We will obtain your consent prior to posting any testimonial with your name. If you post such content, it will be available to other users of the Services. Your posting may also become public and we cannot prevent such information from being used in a manner that may violate this Policy or the law. If you would like us to remove or delete your name or testimonial from our Services, you may contact Trafficly using the information in the “How to Contact Us” section of this Policy. Note that copies of information that you have updated, modified, or deleted may remain viewable in cached and archived pages of our Sites for a period of time.


We may post our customer reviews on our website or our Services, which may contain Personally Identifiable Information such as your name, your city, state, or country you live at. When submitting your review you are giving us permission to post your review on our website or Services. If you post such content, it will be available to other users to view on our website or our Services. Further, your posting may also be public and we cannot prevent such information from being used in a manner that may violate this Policy or the law. If you would like us to remove your name or review from our website or Services, you may contact Trafficly using the information in the “How to Contact Us” section below. In addition, please note that copies of information that you have updated, modified, or deleted may remain viewable in cached and archived pages of our Sites for a period of time.

Governing Law

By choosing to visit and interact with Trafficly, you agree that your visit and any dispute regarding the protection of your privacy during such visit is subject to this Policy and the dispute resolution provisions in our separate Terms of Use applicable to the Services relating to the dispute. Please note that to the extent a customer enters into other contractual agreements with Trafficly, the privacy terms and conditions of such agreements (including the separate Terms of Use applicable to the relevant Services) may by express reference supplement or supersede portions of this Policy.

Revisions or Changes.

Subject to applicable laws and regulations, Trafficly reserves the right to change this Policy any time, by posting a notice of any such material changes on the website prior to the change becoming effective. Regardless of additional changes or updates to our Policy, we will never use the information under our current Policy in a new way without first providing you an opportunity to opt out or otherwise prevent such use.

Opting Out: email us at [email protected]

How to Contact Us

General. If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy or the way your information is being used by Trafficly, or should you wish to contact us for any other reason described in this Policy, you can contact us (i) by email directed to [email protected] or (ii) by mail addressed to Trafficly LLC, 2900 North Government way, box 139, Coeur d’Alene, ID, 83814.

Effective Date of Policy. This Policy was last updated as of the last date set forth below. If you would like to see an earlier version of this Policy, please contact us using one of the methods set forth above and specify the applicable date or time period for the prior Policy version requested.

© 2016 Trafficly, LLC. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by Trafficly.

Updated: December 5, 2016